Actual 15 👍

Daniel is out. James is out. That leaves Angelo and me. Which means I won’t get away with my usual 25-minute-15-minute break (shhhhh).

So, count on this post to be short and sweet.

Angelo babies me slightly. There’s no reason I couldn’t be doing all the pickups and other requests on the production floor. It would be tiring by myself, but I could do it. I’ve done it before. On Saturday.

The only thing I don’t do is forklift. And trash. But that’s Angelo’s fault.

At the trash training, Daniel asked, “What happens if you fall in the hole?”

“You die,” says Angelo.

Yeah. I’m not going near some hole I could die in. Not worth it. I’m good.

I think he might think of me as the little woman who needs to be sheltered from…stuff. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong. I just get that impression.

But for my part, I do kind of let him think that. I’m not jumping up to take any of these pickups. I could. I’m just being totally lazy.

I am also terrified of mice and other little critters, much like a stereotypical girly girl. And everybody knows that. That doesn’t help my image as a strong and capable she-woman.

I need to build my persona. That’s what Evan would say. Oh my God, would he have a field day with this topic!

Orange Glory. We can do it!

Arms not to scale

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