Today has been better. Rick has been funny, and Evan was in the cafeteria and talked to me a little. He might just be really inundated. He talked about hours of meetings. My soup is good, but spicy. And I’m not sure it’ll sustain me all afternoon. Soup usually doesn’t, now I think of it. … Continue reading Better

So Quiet

I’ve been busy, mostly. But singing to myself to keep me company. That can be a problem, as I’m getting hoarse. There’s been a box problem, wherein Rick and I have gotten many of the RFID skids, and last week, I sent some of them out to the floor. I should’ve asked Evan; I thought … Continue reading So Quiet

Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Makes You Weary, Teary, with Red, Swollen Eyes

I woke up at quarter past 3, got out of bed at quarter to 4. Couldn’t fall back asleep. Such sweet, happy thoughts. Bittersweet, though. I’m down a couple more pounds. Not that it matters to anyone else. It almost doesn’t matter to me, right now. I know some people are worried about me. Please … Continue reading Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Makes You Weary, Teary, with Red, Swollen Eyes

Bed Soon

The oral surgeon said the bite on my tongue is like a small callus, which can be removed or left there and just dealt with. To have it removed would cost over $400, so I think I’ll just be leaving it. It is a minor annoyance at this point. I’m looking forward to the rest … Continue reading Bed Soon

Home Now

I’m about to go and shave my legs in preparation for my spray tan. Very exciting, I know. Work today was okay. Granted, I was only there until 10:30. I’ve been diligently checking for internal office openings for quite some time, but nothing has come up. When they went over my interview for the quality … Continue reading Home Now

Light Box Therapy

I got up early enough today. I’m not sure how much of a difference it makes, if I’m being real. But I guess it can’t hurt. I have OT in the middle of the day, meaning I have to leave work midway through. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing, this week. Maybe I need … Continue reading Light Box Therapy


I’m struggling for the words to describe how I’m feeling. I’ve got nothing. I think it’s all going to work out, eventually. I just can’t see how, right now. “You cannot control the results, only your actions.”—someone called Alan Lokus I’ve got to do something. I’m just not sure what.

Later Lunch Today

I went at the same time as Rick today (11:45), because I was able to hold out that long with my hunger, but my hands were starting to hurt. I’m really congested. That’s not helping me. I have my flu shot on Thursday, I have to remember. I’m going to have to double check the … Continue reading Later Lunch Today


I think I am going to stop buying cereal again for a while, as I’ve been overeating it. Also, it doesn’t keep me satiated very long. I’m going back to oatmeal for breakfast. Then I might be able to take my lunch around noon again, to break up the day a little better. I liked … Continue reading Restructuring


God only knows what’ll happen today. I didn’t do my light box today. I didn’t have time. I realize I’m shooting myself in the foot, but what can I do? I need sleep, too. This is all I have time for, right now.


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