22,000 steps today. I worked my butt off. I am astounded by this woman’s sheer lack of any sort of gratitude whatsoever toward her help. That is all I can say about it without possibly getting myself in trouble. It was still quite a good day, though 😊


I forgot how good avocado toast from DD is. Only 6 points. Not bad. I ordered online, picked up inside, and saved myself close to 10 minutes. Just saying. I’ve been moving Hondas all morning. I’m about ready to collapse. 17k+ steps, and the day isn’t even over. Now I’m in my car, listening to … Continue reading Mmmmm


I am in a significantly better mood now. It’s been hella busy. That’s not a bad thing. I’ve already got 70% of the daily recommended steps. I’ve been experimenting with my hair, parting it more to the side than in the middle. It looks cute, I think, but it causes problems for me. It gets … Continue reading 😊

More Complaints

Every night is a bad night. I can’t remember the last good night I had. And it’s starting to catch up with me. I am covered from head to toe in white cat hair, and my clothes are dark. My tongue is killing me. I need that surgery. And now I probably have to wait … Continue reading More Complaints

Unbelievably Hungry

I’m scarfing down scalding hot oatmeal because for some reason, I am completely starving! I also bought a big bag of M and Ms. Tell me I shouldn’t eat them, please! Believe it or not, there were higher calorie choices. And I’m kind of regretting not choosing them. It’s been extremely busy. I had to … Continue reading Unbelievably Hungry


I can’t say enough about how useful this tool has been for me. As a behavior analyst student, I learned how to look for patterns and variations in data. Analytics makes it possible for me to track patterns and changes and connect them to specific events. I probably know a lot more about you than … Continue reading Analytics


R is out with an injury, so they sent me down to help F. I’m putting labels on boxes, right now. It’s warmer in the SWH. And I’ve got on a sweater. It’s okay. I’m not moving around, much, so I’m not overheating. I forgot to take my stuff off before I got in here. … Continue reading SWH


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