Have To’s

While I didn’t get them all done, we did get quite a bit accomplished yesterday. Laundry’s all done and put away. Dining room, kitchen and living room are picked up. We listened to Lonely Island while we worked. I just ate a bad raspberry 🤢 I still have the stairs and the tub to do. … Continue reading Have To’s

Wonky Home Scale

My Aria told me I was 3 pounds under what WW said today. Last week it was 3 pounds over WW. I was pretty psyched until I weighed in, here. The good news is I only gained 0.6 this week, which was better than I expected. I expected 3 pounds. Less cashiering and more biking … Continue reading Wonky Home Scale

I’m Still Asleep

So tired. The kids’ behavior has been very poor this morning. I can’t sleep in at all, because if I do, things fall apart pretty quickly down here. I can remember my parents still sleeping while Paul and I were up on weekends. We didn’t fight like Desmond and Aislyn, though, I don’t think. In … Continue reading I’m Still Asleep


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