My Addictions

I have a problem. I admit it. It’s diet soda. I drink way too much of it. And it’s getting worse. I won’t burden you with the details of how many cans I pound in a day. It would scare you. I am aware of the correlations between long term artificial sweetener consumption and…some pretty … Continue reading My Addictions

Cool Retro Holiday Gifts for Your Kids

Christmas shopping has been fun this year, since I have a fairly reasonable income again and there are some interesting items on the market that harken back to an earlier era, reminding me of (somewhat?) simpler times. Caboodles. Ladies, remember these? They’re selling them again. For those who don’t know, Caboodles is a kit designed … Continue reading Cool Retro Holiday Gifts for Your Kids

WW Week in Review

I am crushing it this week. I haven’t done this well in months. I actually still have weeklies left over. Even after Thanksgiving! NSV this evening: I had had a coat held for me for next weekend, a size large. Well, I found the same one on the sales floor in a medium. Out of … Continue reading WW Week in Review

Black Friday

I’m working, so probably won’t be as productive on the keypad today. Everyone says Black Friday starts out dead in here, then suddenly it picks way up. I’ve already had to ring at 9:00, if that’s any indication. They call me to the register when the line gets long. I guess it calms down significantly … Continue reading Black Friday

I Am Thankful For

Family. Friends. Followers. Full-time employment (and those who helped make it possible for me to stay with the company). Physical health. Full disclosure: I had stomach problems (constipation 😳) at the end of the summer that lasted two months, saw a GI specialist and had a colonoscopy at the end of October, which came out … Continue reading I Am Thankful For

I See You

It’s nice to get some recognition at work. One place I worked (and you can clearly see I’m not naming any names, here) favored the mouthpiece of the group, the individual enamored with the sound of her own voice. All up in everyone else’s business, she was the school bully (or the hall monitor). You … Continue reading I See You


I got another compliment on the pet department today from someone else. It’s probably silly, but I like being told I’m good at things. Even the small things matter to me. The box of food I was pushing had a broken, leaky jar of fig jam in it, and I got some on me. It … Continue reading Fig-Jammed


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