Help Me

I want to write for you right now, but I’m stumped on a topic. Let’s think, what would you want to hear about? I’m pretty sure I know what you don’t want to hear about, so I won’t go there, right now. If I were you, what would I want to know? You can’t tell, … Continue reading Help Me


I’m on fire again today. Box 21 already. I found my afternoon Adderall last night, so for right now, I’m using it in the morning, too. Of course, I forgot the rest of my pills. The mosquitoes are really hungry for my legs today, it is so gross. They leave this big back door open … Continue reading Lunch

Cool Towel

I got this towel from Rite Aid that you freeze and then wear to cool you off. While it does effectively cool me down at work, here are the problems with said towel: It’s hard to get it out of its tube once it’s frozen. I had to thaw it for about 15 minutes. It … Continue reading Cool Towel

I’m Spicy

My friends and I sometimes joke about how I should write trashy romance novels. Make a million dollars writing, basically, porn for ladies. In all seriousness, I could probably do that. I can do spicy. I have adolescent journals full of spice. The problem is, more than likely, I’d be too embarrassed to share. When … Continue reading I’m Spicy

A Wash

I stayed the same this week. I’ll take it. It’s better than gaining. I’m over the tanning right now. I’ll go back probably, before I start my new job. I ordered some skirts. I don’t know if they allow shorts, and, as we know, pants are tricky for me. And it gets trickier when I‘m … Continue reading A Wash

Ho Hum

I forgot today was Saturday. People are probably out doing stuff. We should be, too. We should go to the beach. But I wouldn’t take my clothes off right now, because I’m self-conscious, and I’d roast. I know. Who cares? Nobody’s paying attention to me, anyway. But I am. Always. I hated seeing my mother’s … Continue reading Ho Hum


I have this persistent pain in my foot. Actually, there’s a vein, there, where the pain is. I wonder if it’s a varicose vein. It’s not small; it bulges more than the vein in my right foot. I should ask Leslie, my PT, about it. So, I’ve had my Words post up and going for … Continue reading Veins

Happy Friday

Yay, I’m home. And sitting. I finished my boxes at light speed today, fastest ever, I think. I did start setting up slightly early. But, still! I doubt I got the Hutch admin assistant job; I feel like I’d know by now, if I had. The interview was Tuesday, they only had three candidates, and … Continue reading Happy Friday


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