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Avoid Job Scams

Have you ever gotten a job offer that turned out to be fake? I have. I probably should’ve known from the beginning, because the way they reeled me in was through a text message, saying they saw my resume on indeed and wanted to connect with me about a copywriter position for So&So Company. How … Continue reading Avoid Job Scams

Eating to Live

I’m on Day 4 of a 5-day detox program recommended by a friend who saw a nutritionist. I’ve been eating chicken, eggs, and raw green vegetables. No fat, dairy, or sugar. It’s not terrible, I’m not starving. But I am getting sick of chicken. Today I discovered that unsweetened vanilla almond milk in my coffee, … Continue reading Eating to Live


Full disclosure: I waste a lot of time overeating and wishing I was still thin. In deed, I’ve gained 75 pounds since college. In my youth, most people knew me as “the skinny girl.” Maybe even the skinny bitch (sometimes for sure). I get nervous about the prospect of running into people I haven’t seen … Continue reading Self-Awareness

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