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No Alone Time for Leah Today

Both kids were up and yelling this morning before I was even fully dressed. “Mama,” “Mama,” “Mama,” “Mama,” “Mama…” Oy. I wish I could say I was always patient with my children. But that would be a lie. Sometimes they drive me crazy! Especially when they fight. They compete with each other over everything: who … Continue reading No Alone Time for Leah Today

Whoops, Title Pending

WW: nutrition has only been a so-so week thus far. I’ve been up most nights or early mornings, eating big bowls of shredded wheat (can you tell I love cereal?), which bumps up my points. I’ve had 2 out of 3 blue dot days, but last night, only just barely, by a point, maybe. Tonight … Continue reading Whoops, Title Pending

Good Thing It’s a Short Day

I’ve spent the whole second half of my day ringing. But I get out in just over an hour today. I am wearing long sleeves and not even feeling hot. Malia, a coworker I’ve known since September, came right up in front of me and was looking down toward the middle of me. But she … Continue reading Good Thing It’s a Short Day

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