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How’d My Plan Go?

Well, not as expected. I made peanut butter mousse with the Cool Whip and some peanut butter powder, and ate it all. Then I took a fudge round to bed with me. Could it have been worse? Definitely. It could’ve been multiple fudge rounds (it often is). It could’ve been ice cream bars and brownies. … Continue reading How’d My Plan Go?

So Hungry

I’ve followed all the steps of my plan so far. Right now I’m just waiting for dinner. I haven’t really been doing much, just futzing around on my phone. I totally could’ve done a workout, but I haven’t felt like doing that in so long. Plus, I figured I’d try to make one change at … Continue reading So Hungry

Here’s the Plan

When I get home, I’m going to wash and cut up my strawberries. Then I’m going to give some to Aislyn (cus she will ask). Then I’m going to put away groceries. Then I’m going to read my book, or blog, or play. Then I’m going to eat dinner. Too many thens. Next, I’m going … Continue reading Here’s the Plan

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