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Large is the New Medium?

I went to TJ Maxx yesterday to shop for a solid-colored shirt for an upcoming Zoom interview. I haven’t always been overweight. In fact, I was a toothpick the entire time I worked at the Maxx, way back when I was in college. So I don’t know if anything has changed or if I was … Continue reading Large is the New Medium?

Eating to Live, Take Two

Okay, so the first try didn’t go so well. I completed the detox and actually lost eight pounds. But I fell apart after about the third week of the diet. I found it too restrictive. There were too many foods that were off limits. So for quite a while after that I gave up and … Continue reading Eating to Live, Take Two

Avoid Job Scams

Have you ever gotten a job offer that turned out to be fake? I have. I probably should’ve known from the beginning, because the way they reeled me in was through a text message, saying they saw my resume on indeed and wanted to connect with me about a copywriter position for So&So Company. How … Continue reading Avoid Job Scams

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