The Oatmeal That Wouldn’t Heat! 👍


I’ve tried two different microwaves, two different locations. No luck. So I bought this little Special K bar and some Baked Lays. But I really don’t want them, am not eating them.

Just don’t want anything.

I wasted half my break trying to find something I did want.

You know what I realized? It’s not just Angelo. They all kind of pamper me. The boys do, too.


Do I put out “protect me” vibes?

They’re not like that with Nina. They weren’t with Marla.

At first I thought it was because I was on light duty, but no. That was an excuse I was using.

No, it’s something I’m putting out there.

And I call myself a feminist.

I just don’t want to be mistaken for helpless. I’m not. I can do things.

I do have limitations, though. I guess everyone does.

I’m having a weird day.

I haven’t seen Evan. I wonder if he’s even here. I want to ask him what he thinks I said yesterday.

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