Table Trick đź‘Ť

I have often played with my environment to try to change my behavior. In Atomic Habits, the author mentions a small change he made to his environment to change his behavior.

He said he would buy fruit and store it in a drawer in his fridge and forget about it, until one day, when he put the fruit in a bowl on his kitchen counter. Then the fruit no longer went to waste. It was that simple.

I have a lovely set of baskets I got one Mother’s Day years ago. Although they’re very pretty, especially with a variety of fresh fruit in them, and I love them, they’re in an unfortunate location in the kitchen: kind of the back corner. There’s no other place for them.

Anyway, I find that I’ll buy fruit, put it there, and forget about it, as well.

So, inspired as I am by the book, I bought an inexpensive fruit bowl and filled it with oranges, apples, and avocados, and put it in the center of the island in the middle of the kitchen.

Then I cleaned the kitchen.

And it took a couple of days, but guess what? It’s working! And not only for me. Aislyn is eating lots more fruit, too.

This just goes to show that manipulating your environment for optimal choices can lead to increased success. In the short term, at least.

We’ll see what happens.


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