Oh Yeah, Inventory 👍

I forgot about inventory. There might not be any tugger tomorrow. Depends on what they do after inventory is over.

This inventory will be different from last time because the clipboard won’t get lost. Nah, but it will be different. We’ve got new people and people in different places.

Should be interesting. Okay, maybe not interesting… should be an experience.

Hey, last inventory, Ray broke the communication seal and finally started talking to me after ten months of my being there. Now he’s just as nice and as friendly as can be. The other day we carried on an entire conversation about my wrists.

And, and, I got to have a nice, long uninterrupted chat with Evan at lunch time, and learned more about his preferences for beer and chocolate.

So I can’t say nothing good comes from inventory.

Sometimes they send you home early. I know that’s what happened in July with Sherrie and me.

Oddly, I don’t remember if we went home in December. I remember standing around and being bored for a while. Staring at ShopVue.

I think I’ve exhausted this subject for now.

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