Orange Glory (or The Junk Drawer of Blog Posts) 👍

That’s my new nickname.

Junk Drawer.

Mini fridge is on and stocked. So much soda in there already and it’s all mine.

Look, I told you: I have a problem.

There’s no sugar. And, yes, Marla, I am aware that the artificial sweeteners are even worse for you.

Marla used to be a nurse.

Marla’s not here, anymore, by the way. She was out too much, so she had to go. She’s been gone for like two months.

She was a nut, but she kind of grew on me, nevertheless.

I like Nina, though, too. And Nina is much more dependable.

When I take off my glasses to read my phone, it scares Aislyn. She begs me to put them back on. She is that used to me with glasses.

I’ve bought and returned a bazillion bras because, although I measured myself, I order them and they’re not the right size.

So, a bazillion bras later, by process of elimination, I’ve finally figured out what size I am right now. I’ve only gone up one size, actually. And it shouldn’t be a hard one to find.

I wouldn’t think so. Really, I’m not…you know…a Giant Woman. Not small. But not insanely large, either. I don’t have back problems, for example.

I can’t think of anything else to add to this exhilarating conversation. Have a super rest of your morning. See you soon. ❤️

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