Giant Woman (Giant Woman) 👍

I only have about 15 minutes before I absolutely must go. The dishes took forever this morning, and all these minor accidents and mishaps accumulated to make one (giant) frustrated woman.

Giant Woman is a cute song from a super cool cartoon called Steven Universe about these two female superheroes who join forces to form one, mega-sized woman, like, big and tall and mighty.

I wasn’t hating on myself, I swear.

I was empowering on myself.

Steven Universe is…what do Millennials say? “Woke.”

It would’ve been considered extremely progressive when I was growing up in the 1980s and 90s. Which is probably why it didn’t exist back then.

I am, for some weird reason, back up on the stupid scale. Even though I did really well yesterday. I don’t get it.

Giant water retention?

Already I have to go. This is my TOP: time of optimal posting, and I barely got a word in. Well, maybe incentive to do the giant dishes immediately.

Have a giant Monday, a safe commute, and may the schwartz be with you. 😉

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