There’s a Knife in My Toolbox 👍

I’m considering going back to hard boiled eggs for lunch. Now that I’ve found the perfect thermos for my oatmeal. Oh, well.

Evan says he never has a problem with the ones here, which are Nellie’s, and are also sold at Hannaford. But I swear I’ve had them here before and they tasted wrong to me.

I told Eddie about the tugger. He was fine. Of course he was fine. He’s a good guy.

I also told him Daniel was interested in safety committee. He said that would be great. I asked if that meant I was free from it? He said yes.

I was happy to do it until the whole “Who’s Leah Taylor?” incident.

Also, he (plant mgr.) wanted someone additional from the WH on the committee because I don’t drive a forklift. He put David’s name on last month’s agenda, even though David is second shift, could probably care less, and didn’t even show up.

All I have to say about this is


That’s it, just


I tried it. It’s not for me. I’m not a very good safety model, anyway. I don’t wear ear protection and I have a box cutter (shhhhhh).

Like Eddie, I think Daniel will be a fantastic addition to their committee.

And I will be sorely missed…

Right now I am embarrassing myself profusely by awkwardly suppressing snorting-laughter out my nose.

Aw, bummer. Already time to go. I was having such a good time with myself.

Talk later.

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