Could Go Back to Sleep in This Chair

I had nightmares all last night about my mother and ghosts. Much like the Depo days, I want to lay back in this chair and just close my eyes.

Last day of work before surgery #1. I hope it’s a good day.

Both my hands hurt.

I feel not awake, yet. The thing about No Adderall is that that feeling isn’t going to go away. I’m going to probably feel sluggish all day.

There’s this kinda weird dude at work. Long black hair, tattoos everywhere, including the face, hoop in his nose. He was kind of mean to me.

I was on the tugger and my friend Gina was crossing the floor and I waved her across and he goes: “You’re the one with the machine. We’re waiting.” And I think he was serious.

Why do I care about that? I don’t even know his name. He could be totally out of his mind, I don’t know. I just don’t like it when people are rude to me.

I was just trying to be nice. And mindful of foot traffic. Doesn’t the pedestrian have the right of way, anyway?

Then another time, he totally stared at me. And not in a Motorcycle Kid way. It was like a glare. What? What did I do?

Probably my best course of action is to steer clear of that guy. He strikes me as not quite all there. I can’t be everyone’s BFF.

I still really have to learn not to take things so personally.

I am so itchy in awkward places today, i.e. under bust. I have creams for this issue, but it’s hard to tell if I’m going to need them until after I’ve got clothes on.

I really don’t feel like huffing it back upstairs and slathering cream under my clothes.

But I’d probably better, or my coworkers are going to think I’m kinda weird when they see me trying to furiously and inconspicuously scratch myself.

The joys of sensitive skin.

Have a magnificent Monday, a safe commute, and thanks for reading.

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