Armageddon. Please Advise. 👍

This is Leah’s new nightmare.

I spent all morning cleaning up this aisle so the tugger could get down it.

We only have one tugger on our side right now, because the other isn’t charging. So if I want to finish moving all of the legions of Hondas that remain all over the production floor, I have to do it on foot. And it just takes so long that way, that I feel paralyzed to do anything at all.

So I went on break.

I’m already exhausted from the stress of having to deal with that mess. Plus no Adderall, yet.

I’m afraid this might be a sucky day.

Don’t be a sucky day, Monday. Be a good day. Be an awesome day. Even a swell day. Come on, do it for me, Monday.

Okay, time to go, I guess. Have a good morning. Talk later.

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