Nap đź‘Ť

I slept for a while.

Now we have lots of laundry.

Both my hands hurt.

This lady who hasn’t been to meetings in a while said I looked good, like I lost a lot of weight, which was weird, since I’ve actually gained weight since November.

But I thanked her, anyway.

Also I found a size large shirt that actually fits me. I’m not sure if it will still fit after I wash it, but it doesn’t have to button.

I got Desmond a bobble head Dwight for Valentine’s Day. He was only five bucks, less than a card, even, and Desmond thought he was pretty funny, so, win-win-win.

It’s an Office joke.

I’m not going to be able to clean in here this week, and it’s going to make me crazy. Will have to do it all today and tomorrow.

Aislyn is watching the intro to the old Care Bears movie from the 1980s. It is super weird and creepy. I saw it when I was her age. I think I remember it being a little scary.

But all children’s movies from the 1980s are scary. Remember Return to Oz?

I need to go flip the laundry.

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