Yesterday was not boring. My intuition never fails me. But it left me feeling so down; I don’t know exactly why. And the feeling has followed me into today. That’s why I haven’t posted all day.

There was no tugger for me yesterday. I’m just glad to know I passed the lift truck test, like the other two, I’m sure, passed. Well, I know Marla did. I’m assuming Evan must have.

As I’ve said, the weight’s coming off very slowly, but the jeans I bought even just two weeks ago are loose, now. I’ve gone from a 22 to a 16 in a little bit over a month.

Maybe there’s some truth to this muscle mass thing.

I’m hoping I’m not cycling through depression right now…oh, I wonder if I should have my light back down here because of the season change. Maybe.

Anyway, I’m hoping my motivation won’t wane because of it. I’m finally, finally doing well again. I don’t want to mess that up.

Last year I did fine through the fall, so, there’s that.

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