Quiet with a 20% Chance of Raucous

This has been a very quiet day, so far. Some might say boring or uneventful.

Maybe a little.

I haven’t really noticed, because I’ve been busy all morning. Plenty of boxes. I haven’t needed to help Sherry B. up front, yet, because I’ve had plenty to do.

I like Sherry. She’s funny. I thought she might be on break, too, right now, because I didn’t see her up there, but she’s not in here, at least.

I guess if you work in the WH, you can leave the building at lunch time. I didn’t realize that.

There’s not very many places to go, though. We’re kind of in the middle of nowhere, out here. Plus, I’m working the WW plan, so there’s no need for me to buy lunch from the country store or anything.

Although, I have to say, my current lunch is tasting grosser and grosser to me everyday. I am really fussy about my tomatoes. If they’re over ripe, I toss ‘em.

Okay, it’s unnervingly quiet in here, though. There are six people in the cafeteria and no one is talking. I can hear Angelo chewing at the next table, for crying out loud!

Oh, thank God. The two other women in the room are talking to each other. In a foreign language, but that does the trick.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got. Another post about absolutely nuthin. Sorry about that. Talk later.

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