Seulement 👍

Only. Only me.

I saw Evan earlier. I was on the tugger, but we chatted for a sec anyway. Cus I stopped to let him pass. I usually always do.

I’ve been here since 11:30. So has Aidan. But I guess Finn barked at him so he said that’s probably the last time he comes in early.

Sometimes he tries to help me just to get me out of his way.

Anything else of note: Not really. I’m pretty sure that that Roderigo has the hots for me. But I think he has an eye for the ladies. I think I should’ve called him DJ for Don Juan.

The good news is he’s on first shift, so I don’t see him that often. So one less weirdo to worry about.

I should introduce him to Miss Thing. Tall, dark haired young woman, very pretty, but totally full of herself; you can tell by the way she walks.

They’d be perfect together. A match made in Hutch.

Oh no, I’m doing it again. Shipping. Hooking people up.

Oh, shoot. I’m way out of time.

See you later. 🥰

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