What to Write PG-13

It’s been pretty quiet, second shift. I’ve been able to peel and stack quite a bit. Even Honda seems slow.

I just ate a king size Kit Kat. Hoping my body will forgive me this one transgression. For today.

I’ve only had a waffle all day, other than my eggs and tomatoes, which we know are zero.

Maybe I won’t need anything when I get home. I just really wanted chocolate.

I suppose I didn’t have to have All the Chocolate, though.

I forget to exercise my foot. So it’s not getting any better. But I have a hard time believing stretching will make it any better; that’s my problem. I don’t really believe it’s going to work. So doing the stretches doesn’t exactly rank high on my list of priorities.

I have difficulty accepting that I have the ability to cure this ailment on my own. Is that weird? Or sad? Or cynical?

So instead I continue to limp around in pain on the injury and whine about it. Well, that makes sense…NOT.

*Whispering* I didn’t really think the OT would cure my carpal tunnel, either, SHHHHH! As a former special education teacher, I’m supposed to be all about the efficacy of related services. But I pretty much knew I’d be getting surgery.

It might’ve helped some, but I don’t think it would’ve taken it away.

I’ve really got to buckle down and try, though. If only to prove my cynical ass wrong.

Ok, I seriously have to go now. Goodnight if I don’t see you again. ❤️🥰♥️😳😘

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