Why I Don’t Always Post Late in the Day 👍

I don’t always post when I get home from work because I’m often exhausted by that time: physically, mentally, sometimes emotionally.

As much as I genuinely enjoy being around other people, as much as I need that interaction for my own wellbeing, let’s not forget I am an INFJ, and very much so. Of all the INFJs, I’ll bet I am the INFJ-iest.

That is a Peanuts reference for all of you Boomers, Xers, Millennials, and, of course, my son.

But I digress. While INFJs can enjoy some social interaction, they have a threshold, and once they reach it, they require some down time. So there’s that.

There’s the physicality of the job, which is a huge factor.

There’s the home environment. I am actually quite busy that time of day: greeting the kids, getting snacks, changing my clothes, putting away groceries, driving here or there, prepping for tomorrow, eating, and finally, falling asleep on the couch.

Sometimes I try to write a post this time of day, but more often than not they come out random and distracted. Mundane.

You might say all of my posts are mundane.

You might bite me. 😉

I had some pretty big news yesterday. I was just way too tired to do it justice. And now I’m out of time, so it’ll have to wait till morning break.

So, in a nutshell, if you don’t see anything from me after lunchtime, don’t worry, everything’s cool. I’m probably just tired or tied up or both.

‘Course, none of this is going to matter as of next week, anyway, because my whole schedule is changing.

I’m worried about how Aislyn particularly is going to take it. I talked to them about it, and Desmond gets what I’m saying, but Aislyn is still really too little to conceptualize how big a change it’s going to be.

Plus, Desmond has this blog, so he still has that connection to me. Aislyn’s really too young for that, too.

She appreciates it when it’s read to her, but she doesn’t read it on her own. She’s only six. She’s an amazing decoder and sight word reader. Since she was three!

But I don’t know what if anything she comprehends of what I’m writing. I imagine it’s much too abstract for her. Anyway she’s not nearly as interested in it as Desmond.

So now I must go to my last day of first shift. I will miss Daniel and James and Sherry B and Angelo and Nina and Gavin. I suppose I’ll still see most of them, though for a few minutes a day. Sherry B is the only one I won’t see at all. But she is my friend. 😢

Have an unforgettable Friday, friends. Hug someone for me. Thanks for talking. ♥️

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