Use a Fork 👍

If you didn’t guess from the image at the end of the last post, I drove the lift truck (forklift) yesterday.

It was interesting. It was different from a car. I hit a couple of things in the WH. Not hard. Other than that I did okay.

I haven’t lifted anything, yet. That’s today. Skids of empty boxes to start. So if I drop them, it’s not such a big deal.

I did drive the tugger again straight through the Gemba. Head of Safety looked like he wanted to kill me. But he always looks like he wants to kill me.

I thought too late I ought to set alarms on my phone for the start and end of Gembas so I remember when not to go out there on the dang tugger!

But it’s my last day on first shift, anyway. The only Gemba I’ll have to worry about now is on Monday: 1:45.

I set alarms for literally everything. Set or forget. That’s Leah in a nutshell.

No, this is Leah in a nutshell: help, I’m in a nutshell! How did I get in this nutshell?

For you youngins, that is another end-of-century joke.

Woah, so much for only taking 15 minutes. Gotta go. See you I hope ❤️

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