Down, At Least 👍

Back down a little on the scale. No WW this week, either, because I have to work. At least I can still track my weight.

I’m waiting for my meds to kick in, still feeling groggy. Aislyn had a peepee accident, so I’ve been up since probably 2 or 2:30, dealing with that.

I feel bad for her. She gets so upset. I never act frustrated, even when I’m tired, because I know she would internalize it. There might have been one time ever, but I think I was upset about something else.

She’s hypersensitive. She’s more than that. She’s incredibly intuitive, far more so than even I am. If you’re unhappy, she knows right away. If you’re stressed, she senses it. You know how they say kids sense stress and tension between adults? It’s really, really true, and she’s proof.

I must really be messing with her chakras then, lately.

I am angry that I’m in this situation.

I am angry that I dread going to work this week.

I am angry that one person is making me feel this bad.

I am angry with myself for allowing him to push me around. Why am I letting this happen? I shouldn’t have to defend my every move.

I’m going to tell him to stop talking down to me and if he has a problem he can damn well take it up with Eddie.

He’s just another bully who has to be put in his place, I guess.

Awesome. My favorite.

Alright. Let’s-a-go.

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