Yes, I Do Get Stuck 👎

I do dwell. It’s one of my biggest challenges. And, yes, it does end up affecting the people who matter to me. How much it bothers them is kind of up to them.

But I have to say, I’m doing okay right now. Granted, he hasn’t gotten after me for anything, yet today.

But I do have a plan.

I’m just going to tell him I’m not doing this today, it’s not worth the aggravation. He’s not going to talk to me like I’m an idiot anymore. I’m there to learn and to fill in for Marta; not to get everything 100% right on my own every time without any indicators in ShopVue.

I have ADHD, for crying out loud. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna tell him that. I don’t think he’d get it.

I depend on ShopVue to keep track of peoples’ needs, as we are all supposed to do. If Bea is waiting until she has no boxes to come in and whine to Finn, that’s on her, not me.

This all goes back to people shouting their requests at me instead of using ShopVue as directed. And Bea is notorious for that.

And she speaks English!!!

What I’m saying is, what happened was because of a breakdown in the system; not anything I failed to do. I can’t anticipate everyone’s every need all the time.

Wouldn’t that make me their mom?

I’m not everyone’s mom.

I’d better head back. Have another throw down Thursday this week, not because I’m not creative enough to come up with another adjective, but because I might just be throwing down right along with you today if Finn can’t behave himself.

Okay, I might be dwelling, but at least now I’m laughing, too.

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