Unusual Breaktime 👍

9:00. I got here at 6:30, though. I brought munchkins. It doesn’t count, I reasoned, if I don’t eat any.

I haven’t so far.

I got 50, though. Too many. I’m gonna wind up bringing them home, and they’ll taunt me from their big box during my weak time of the day.

Hey, men of the house: is it fine if I just throw the extras away here, so I don’t eat them at home? I want a good weigh-in tomorrow.

Too bad. If I had little baggies I could bring home just some.

Maybe I could throw away all but, say, six? Two for Derek, two for Desmond, and two for Aislyn?

Or I could erase this all and just not tell them about the munchkins.

Nah. Juskiddin.

I’m sweating right through my meds. I need a stronger dose.

James was supposed to be here and isn’t. The Kid is here, but, let’s call him Daniel, from now on. I originally called him The Kid to be punchy and funny, but it’s not funny anymore, if it ever was, and it feels sort of disrespectful. He is technically a grownup, if a really, really young one.

Also not here: Eddie, I think. I’m glad for him, though, if he’s not. He usually is here Saturday.

His job is a ton more responsibility for a little more money, I think.

He does a good job. I’m sure Ray did, too, since he got promoted.

Eddie’s one of the nicest bosses I’ve ever had. Certainly the youngest.

Eddie? Also young enough to be my child. I’d have been youngish, though, 19.

It’s so weird to think about. Don’t sass me, Eddie!

I told Daniel something I maybe shouldn’t have. I hope he doesn’t repeat it to anyone.

Awww, crap, he might. He totally might. He’s a very good kid, but I’m not sure how well he protects your confidence.

Well, if he does…I guess it’s not a national crisis. Possibly a local or regional one, though. I’m pretty sure…ahhhh, forget it. Talk later.

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