I Can See Clearly Now, The Rain is Gone 👍

(Johnny Nash 1972) Love this song.

Wow, I can’t even believe how much the Adderall helps. I just barely took it, and I am focused, I’m alert, I’m ready to go. I feel like I was asleep for three days. The walking dead. Even my posts were tired.

It’s like I always used to say with my hyperactive kiddos when I was a teacher: sometimes meds make the difference between night and day.

I understand though, parents who are hesitant to medicate. The long term consequences. I’m not sure how strong the correlations are between medication and substance abuse, but I know there are studies.

Neither of my kids have ever been on anything but stool softeners and laxatives, so I’ve never been in the position of having to decide. Neither of my kids are hyperactive.

Derek was hyper as a kid, but it was due to a food allergy: BHT is a preservative they put in lots and lots of foods. So they just had to eliminate all of the foods containing BHT from his diet.

But also, like Desmond, he is extremely bright, and he got bored in elementary and acted out because of that.

Desmond doesn’t act out in school. At first he was a bit shy, but he had a good start, a great Kindergarten teacher, and now he is comfortable and well-liked.

I don’t think Aislyn has had a shy moment in her whole life. She practically came out the womb chatting up the medical staff: “Hi, I’m Aislyn, what’s your favorite thing to do? Can you get me some water and a snack?”

She might make a good politician or diplomat or something. Right now she loves Mrs. M. and wants to be a teacher.

We used to have to tell her it was probably okay not to talk to everyone in eye range when we would go out. We were trying to find that balance between being friendly and being safe.

I love that my kids are not carbon copies of each other. I love that they have different talents and interests, but that enough of their interests overlap that they can still have fun together.

Yes, I do see a Venn diagram of their talents and interests in my mind right now. Stop making fun of me.

I have to go. I’m going to be soooooo late, but you don’t get points on the weekends.

If I bring in munchkins for everyone else, does it count as me going to Dunkin’?

Have a nice, leisurely Saturday morning, my friends, those of you who have it off, I mean. Talk soon. ❤️

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