Three Hutchmen at a Table

F this

F that


F the other thing.

Okay, we get it. You like to curse.

You’d think they’d be slightly cleaner in the presence of ladies, though. Nope.

Angelo is. Eddie is. Evan wouldn’t say sh- if his eyes were brown—and I think they are—in front of me. Until I started cursing.

I did something awesome today. I got those huge, PITA boards out from behind the Honda foam shelves. Eddie had said we could get rid of them months ago, but they hadn’t gone anywhere, and I can’t FIFO (first in, first out) the boxes of foam with the boards back there because they were in the way.

Well, not anymore!

It was not easy, but I did it. Then I FIFO’d the hell out of those boxes. I FIFO’d like I’ve never FIFO’d before.

I invented a FIFO stick for short people, too, to move boxes around on shelves you can’t reach even with a ladder.

See? I’m proactive and innovative.

Okay. Pretty sure it’s time to get back.

Oh, I got a version of my meds at Walgreen’s, I think, a month supply.

Ugh. Forgot I have to work tomorrow!

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