Can You Guess? 👍

I went on early break early. I’m kind of a mess.

So I have to call the pharmacy (pharmacies?) and figure out who has what in what dosages. Then I have to message Dr. Naimark to write me a script for that med.

Yeah. Not fun.

Pharmacies don’t really open until 8:00, I think, but I really felt like I needed to sit. I lack the usual energy I have in the early morning.

Partly, though, it’s Friday. Also, my stomach is bothering me. And Honda is a total cluster.

Here’s a good thing. I hit another low on the scale this morning, numbers I haven’t seen in months.

Rite Aid Newmarket: phone rings: immediately placed on hold. I wait. Then I call back. Hold music.

Rite Aid Dover: dead air.

CVS: closed.

I get very poor stupid reception in here, so forget getting the phone number for Walgreens.

I give up. Talk later.

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