You in Blue 👍

Look at the concentration on her face, the seriousness. So sweet. So beautiful. Yes, okay, I’m biased. Maybe.

This is what Aislyn called this painting. It’s not done here, though.

It’s kind of interesting, isn’t it, though, that she has painted me all in blue. Probably because blue is my favorite color.

But I am just a retired preschool teacher.

Yes, that’s what I’m going to call myself. By no stretch of the imagination am I really in any position to be officially retired, mind you. It just sounds cooler than “career-changer” or “burnout.”

No, I will be working until my legs collapse under me and they have to carry me out the building.

The finished product: Aislyn, red; Desmond, orange; and Derek, brown.

A child psychologist might see this painting differently than a not-really-retired preschool teacher. I’m always fascinated by stuff like that.

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