Getting My Caffeine On

I had another whole, lengthy post that I just abandoned because it was too negative.

Basically, I’m continuing to stress out about the state of our home. There has got to be a better way, is all I’m saying.

I flipped the cars again. I actually prefer doing it by myself in the morning to doing it at the end of the previous day with help because I am too tired at night to go back outside.

Even though it’s more work.

It’s just because I’m my most alert right now.

Also, I was pretty sick to my stomach, last night.

I think I’m going to leave at 5:00 again, so I can start at 5:30 and leave at 2:00. It just worked out that I got up slightly earlier. Plus I have to get the kids again.

Derek is moving to the tax department, so he has a lot of loose ends before he goes. But once he’s there, his schedule will probably be a lot more flexible.

I’m down a little on the scale, but it doesn’t make my pants feel any looser. I am seriously worried about weight gain at the end of this gig. But again, I’m putting the cart before the horse. I have this gig. I don’t have any other gig.

Ray is so nice to me now. He locked and put my gate up for me yesterday. I sometimes forget, and it never happens when I have stuff on the cart, but it’s good to get into the habit.

I’m glad to know basically everybody in the WH likes me.

And why wouldn’t they? I’m a lovely person!

Have a thantastic (can’t think of another word) Thursday. Drive safely, and thanks, as always, for reading.

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