Job Spam 👍

My inbox is full of job alerts from these bogus job search sites.

I mean, they’re not completely bogus. Some of the positions they advertise seem to be real openings.

But to read the openings directly from the alerts, you have to provide your email or sign up for their service or whatever.

I’ve just unsubscribed to all the emails.

I really have only ever used Indeed for job searches.

Anyway, I just find the whole thing annoying.

Derek brought up the point that I’ve been at Hutchinson for a year and I have no major enemies. And I seem happy.

Usually there’s at least one person at work with whom I have an ongoing personality conflict, and I have a pattern of dwelling on it. This has happened across different work places.

It hasn’t really happened at the Hutch. I’ve had some conflicts, but they haven’t lasted long.

I really feel in my heart of hearts that I should just wait.

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