I smell bacon. Some kind of salty, breakfast meat. Whatever it is, I’m hungry for it.

Meat is a mixed blessing for me, because I like the taste, but I hate, hate, hate the texture of fat. So I have to be really careful to work around the fat on a piece of meat.

How do you keep telescopic snow brushes extended? I try turning and turning it until it tightens (or not), but that never works.

Should I talk dirty to it?

So frustrating. I bought two brushes, thinking I might have a better chance of avoiding the problem? Nope.

A lot of lines are not running today, I think. But I’ve been busy, anyway, moving constantly.

I wish I could do better when I got home. I do so well all day.

Plant manager just came in and called me Lee. At least he’s trying, though. A lot of people wouldn’t even bother.

I wonder if Evan allowed to do any work from home. I wonder that about a lot of the upstairs jobs. I would need a space, though, for any kind of WFH or hybrid job here, and I don’t have that.

Plus, I’d miss my people. The people are why I’m here. I got good vibes from this place the moment I walked in the door. It sounds corny, but it’s true.

My interview with M went really well. My tour with Mike went great. I accepted the job, but then TJX made me a counter offer and I took it.

But they made me a cashier in Portsmouth, which I hated, so after a few months, I was so miserable that I left, anyway, came here.

And I was not very good at it, at first. But I got better.

Then I got carpal tunnel.

And now, here I am.

Did you like my summary? I’m just writing it for new people.

I really have to git. Talk later.

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