Alvin’s bright idea for safety in December was name tags for everyone. And, okay, it’s not a bad suggestion.

It just doesn’t work for me.

The committee rejected actual name tags with pins or magnets or whatnot, because the plant manager seems to think people would forget to wear them.

They want names embroidered and silkscreened on shirts. I would think this would cost them a fortune and be a logistical nightmare, but whatever, they’re really looking into it.

You can imagine why I hate this idea, right?

I don’t want to wear the shirts. Which is why I don’t. T-shirts look horrible on me.

I know. I’ve been extraordinarily lucky to get away with it as long as I have. I might’ve known it wouldn’t last.

On the bright side, we all got raises. I signed my offer yesterday. Now there’s almost no difference between what I make at the Hutch and what that other place was offering.

They must have called me a million times the other day. People with my kind of background must be in demand.

Or maybe they’re commissioned.

Imagine if I had an MBA. I could probably do anything upstairs. Except engineering.

If I get a job up there, I wonder where they would put me, like, which side would I be on? Do they cluster by department, like Derek’s workplace? Or just stick you where there’s an open cubicle?

I was up there yesterday for the meeting. It is so quiet compared to downstairs.

It would be awesome if I had a job where I could sometimes go downstairs, too, like Evan, Tailyn, most of Quality.

I had two bowls of All Berries cereal at 2 am, and, having pre-tracked for the week, most of my points for the day are gone, because of those two bowls of a cereal I say I don’t even like that much.

Well, friends, I have to go clean off my car and get going. Have a happy Friday. To my locals, please drive safe, if, in deed you have to drive today, and, as always, thanks for reading ❤️ 🌞 😊

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