Well, Looky What We Have Here

Sorry, friends, I got nuthin. I just couldn’t think of a title.

I had a nightmare that made me scream really loud and scare the bejesus out of Derek.

I wonder if it’s because I’m stressed out. Or suppressing something.

It’s funny. It seems like, the more sleep I need, the less quality sleep I get, if that makes sense. Like when you’ve stressed yourself out so much over dieting that your body stubbornly holds onto the extra weight. That might be just a myth, though.

I think the prevailing school of thought is simply calories in/ calories out. It’s down to a science. Or a math, in this particular case. A budget.

You create a calorie deficit to lose. Create enough of a deficit, and the pounds come off.

Look at that, I’ve veered off topic. Shocking.

Anyway, the boy should be back today, but he will likely not be at full strength. Poor kid. He should just stay home! But he’s temping, and just barely started, so no vacation time.

In fact, he is working overtime tomorrow.

If I were his mom, I’d be worried about him. Hell, I am worried about him.

That’ll be Desmond someday, all grown up, on his own, fighting the good fight like all adults do.

I’m not ready to think about that.

I should go. I’ve gotten in just under the wire the last few days. Have a superb Friday, my dear readers, and thanks for reading.

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