Could Eat a Horse

18.4 k steps as of noon. I will easily clear 25, is my prediction.

There’s this woman, and, I’m not kidding: she gives me the stink eye every single day when I sit down in here. She sits at a table not far from mine.

No idea why.

I have been nonstop all morning.

I just ate a chocolate chip muffin, and I’m not even apologizing for it. I am hungry, I wanted it, and the oatmeal was never going to be enough by itself. While there were dozens of lower-calorie choices I could’ve made, I don’t care. I am not a bit sorry.

I did also buy a Hershey bar, which I am not going to eat right now. I got my chocolate fix.

Maybe I’ll give it to S if she’s still around.

It’s not been a good WW week. But I don’t feel like I can put too much pressure on myself right now, at least about weight loss. I don’t want to go crazy and gorge, and I’m afraid that’s what I’ll do if I try too had not to “mess up” during the ultimate food holiday of the year.

Bah! I don’t wanna get up!

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