Hi There

My light time is going to be shortchanged again, but hopefully today I’ll be on time.

I hit snooze on my phone, that was the problem. I wish I could disable snooze. I wish it wasn’t even a thing. It only gets me in trouble.

This is going to be a short post, probably.

It’s Friday, and yes I am wearing a skirt, and I don’t care if people think it’s weird. It’s cooler, and I like it. So, there.

I don’t know if I work next Wednesday. I need to figure that out. I know obviously not Thursday or Friday.

I don’t know if my dad and stepmom are coming up Thursday. If they are it means more cleaning. They are very clean people, although they do seem to understand that we have little kids. My mother in law is also very clean, although she doesn’t think she is.

I only aspire to be clean. I attempt it. But I can clean all day and get nowhere. Like a hamster on a wheel.

Maybe things are put away, but the cabinets still have stains. Maybe I washed the countertops and swept, but the floor still needs mopping. Maybe the laundry is done, but the drapes are still dusty. They’ll probably never not be.

I will never be as meticulous as I want to be.

Maybe when the kids are older?

Ah, I’ve done it again. Happy thoughts, Leah…okay, that’s better. 🤤

Have a good morning. Thanks for reading.

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