Finally Home (But Waiting for Groceries)

I stayed in Newmarket late to get my prescriptions, because I probably won’t have time to wait for them tomorrow.

It felt like it took forever to get home. Rick says it takes 25 minutes to get to Dover from Newfields. No way. He doesn’t have to sit in the middle and high school traffic. And St. Mary’s. I live almost downtown. It’s a good 10 extra minutes.

The groceries came, and they delivered Aislyn’s Christmas present…again (Walmart). And she saw it. So now we have 2 Gabby’s Dollhouses and 0 surprises.

I also ate at least one of every new snack in the kitchen, because I was too hungry and lost my cool.

My glasses are totally crooked.

I’m very, very tired. Going to bed soon.

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