Where Have I Been All Morning?

I was up at 4. Again at 6. I got up at 9, showered, went to WW.

I worked and tracked my butt off all week and only lost half a pound. The second week always sucks. At least I lost something. This week will be better.

After the workshop, I waited in a long line at Dunkin’ for my two sips of iced coffee.

Then I got gas.

When I got home, I made my lunch for today and tomorrow, took my Miralax, and now, here I am. Hello.

My Aunt Leenie visited yesterday. She did not bring Cece, as she is mad at Leenie right now. She just had china to drop off at her door. It was a good visit.

I love my Aunt Cece, but she always comments about my weight when I’m heavy. They all remember me skinny, that’s why. Me too.

Someday I’m going to summon the courage to ask her not to mention my weight, anymore. I never forget those comments. Never.

What lasts longer, a kiss or a slap? My drama coach used to say. But he was a pervert.

Anyway, Leenie talked about eventually selling the house in Ashland and moving to Nahant. I’ll think, oh good, she’ll be close, then. But not really, not to me. I forget I’m not still in Massachusetts. Isn’t that weird?

But she’ll be close to the rest of my family, and that will be good for her.

I remember what it’s like to lose someone. But I don’t know what it’s like to lose your best friend.

Bruce was such a good guy, and they had a great marriage.

My cat is ignoring me as usual. He doesn’t sit with me as much as he used to. I was super spoiled, though, I think. For a while, he seemed to want to cuddle all the time.

Maybe I smell different.

Plans for today:

  • Not fold laundry
  • Not sweep
  • Not buy anything else
  • Not nap
  • Not sit with kitty, evidently
  • Periodic sits for Aislyn
  • Read my OT carpal tunnel literature
  • Do the hand exercises

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