Saturday Afternoon

We cleaned the downstairs and I’m showered.

It’s possible Aunt Leenie will bring Aunt Cece with her, too. I love my aunts, but I know Cece will say something about my weight if she sees me. So I’m all full of anxiety right now.

I haven’t seemed to have lost any weight at all this week, but one good thing: I have a skort that I didn’t expect to fit me at all right now, but I was able to button and zip it. I mean, it’s very tight, and I’d have to wear a long shirt to hide the bulge, but still. It’s several sizes below the jeans I’m wearing. Of course, without a belt, the jeans I’m wearing presently fell right down to my ankles while I was walking down the hall the other day. Don’t worry, I was home. Nobody saw.

So, we’ll see what happens tomorrow at WW.

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