If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

The good news is Aislyn’s room is clean:

Vast improvement, yes?
Pay no attention to the yucky carpet. We’re having it removed and wood laminate installed—hopefully before she moves out!

The bad news is what I found in the basement when I went to wash her bedding. I’ll spare you the pictorial details of that 🤢🤬

Good thing we have our return coming soon. We might really need it.

Just pull it from savings, you ask? Nope. Emergency cushion? Uh uh.

For one thing, I was unemployed from March 2020 to September 2021. Okay not unemployed, exactly. Self-employed for peanuts. Circus peanuts.

I used the time to accrue content writing experience. I thought, with my skills, I’d quickly find something more lucrative.

Yes. I was that naive, and that deluded. And that egotistical about my writing ability. Insert shame-faced emoji here.

You can say it: get off your high horse, Leah. Or worse. Go ahead, I deserve it.

No, the hard truth of it is, for every one remote writing job out there, there are sometimes a thousand plus applicants, some of them brilliant writers. Plural. I’m hardly swimming solo in the talent pool.

If there’s anything to be proud of, I guess just that I was selected for so many interviews. One company chose me and seven other people out of 1800+ who applied. Anyway, that’s what they said.

And that happened at least a few times. Just, nothing ever panned out for me.

I think that all of the Zoom interviews were unfortunate for me. Especially early on. Even at 100 pounds, my all-time thinnest, I hated the camera. Hated it. But at 200 pounds, well, it was painful.

The worst thing about meeting online is you have to see yourself in a window on your screen. Truly, a recipe for disaster in my case.

Of course, I can’t say for sure if there were any times I was not selected because of how I looked. I hope not, but who knows?

What I can say for certain that I had zero confidence, and I suspect that came through, in addition to my social awkwardness.

How did I get from mice to self-confidence?

Derek thinks it’s squirrels. Somehow squirrels would be more acceptable to me, even though they’re a nuisance. Mice and rats, just…eww.

We think we know where they’re getting in, we just have to block their access. Failing that, exterminator.

It’s a nice little house, but it’s older than dirt: 1890. So none of this surprises me. It’s just more work. Happy home ownership!

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