Strawberry Banke 👍

I apologize that I didn’t take any pictures I can share. It was an interesting day. I enjoyed spending time with Desmond and his friends. They’re good kids, I can tell.

Desmond didn’t think the three of them (he and two of his buddies) behaved, but I think for the most part, they did. They did get a little excited and goofy toward the end, but they’re 10-year-old boys on a field trip, for crying out loud. I wouldn’t expect them to be “perfect,” whatever that is.

A certain someone did accidentally on purpose drop a pencil down a flight in one of the historic buildings, thinking it would be hilarious. I’m not naming any names, buuuuut…

Good thing he didn’t hit any 10-year-old girls on the head when he dropped it. He might’ve ended up with an unwanted girlfriend out of the deal! Just saying.

Their collective favorite part of the field trip was “the squeaky chair.” It wasn’t even an historic squeaky chair! It was just a regular chair in one of the old homes that they sat in and made squeak. Then fought over. However, I found it funny and ironic.

Someone over here has incredible gas. I have to leave. See you I hope maybe maybe. 🤞 ❤️🥰

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