We Don’t Need Your Damn Dessert 👍

We went to this roadside restaurant on the way home. We had all been looking forward to it since last year, when the food was good and the service was excellent.

First off, it looked like management had changed hands. The name was different. Setup inside was different, more sterile, somehow. There was a dessert case, which Aislyn was immediately attracted to.

“You’ve gotta eat,” says the waitress to Aislyn as we walk in. She looks at me. “I make ‘em eat.”

I thought she was joking.

We had had a pretty large breakfast at 8:30, lunch at 11:00. So none of us were super hungry to begin with. I ordered one trip to the salad bar, and that was it.

The waitress comes over and sternly tells Aislyn, “Eat.”

Aislyn ate all her apple slices and maybe one and a half of her chicken strips and quietly said to me, “I’m full, Mama.”

“It’s okay,” I said.

The waitress asks if we want a box for Aislyn’s chicken. “No thank you,” I say.

“Really?” She says to me.

“Yes,” I start to say, but Derek says, “Sure,” adding, “I’ll eat it later.”

Waitress looks down at Aislyn, says, “Too bad you didn’t eat, now you can’t have any cake.”

If you could’ve seen the look on Aislyn’s face.

“Don’t worry about it,” I said to her. “We’ll get you something else.”

I don’t think she was even upset about not getting the stupid cake. She wasn’t hungry! I think she felt embarrassed and shamed by that witch of a waitress.

“Don’t leave a generous tip,” I said to Derek. “She was awful.”

Mostly, I’m disgusted with myself for not getting right in that woman’s face and telling her out straight to leave my kid alone.

Best I can do is write a review on Yelp warning parents about that place, as in, don’t take young children there.

I know Desmond liked the food, but, I’m sorry, Desmond, I won’t ever eat there again.

Talk about people who shouldn’t waitress!

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