Slow to Rise

I think the Topomax might be making me super sleepy. Dr. Naimark said to watch for that. I only just got up. So, all told, I was down for 13 hours. Yikes.

One night I’ve had a nightmare. And I’ve still had lots of dreams. I’m fine with just regular dreams, though. As long as they’re not nightmares.

I’d say I have nightmares two or three times a week, judging by how many times Derek tells me I talk, scream, kick, or “run” in my sleep. Lori says that’s too many. I believe they are trauma-related.

Many are about my mother, which makes sense, because of her sudden and untimely death.

Many are about my father, though, which is weird, because in the dreams, he is very difficult and critical. And he mostly wasn’t. So I’m not sure what that’s about.

I have to go for now. Talk soon.

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