Brand Coordinator Job 👍

Remember that phone screen I had last week? They’re moving forward without Leah Taylor.

It’s okay, I assure you. Actually, I’m quite relieved. I’m happy where I am. Just waiting, waiting, waiting.

Weird thing, though. A local construction company in Newmarket is looking for a project assistant with room for growth? And they sent me maybe an automated email message last week?

So I accidentally confirmed interest. Then I immediately declined, and sent a polite message saying it looked like a great opportunity, but that I was hoping to advance where I already was.

So their HR person just viewed my LinkedIn profile. Pretty weird, huh?

Maybe he was thinking he might be able to persuade me in the other direction if my profile proved interesting.

But I haven’t heard anything since the profile view, so maybe it’s not all that interesting.

Maybe I should make it more interesting.

This guy who recently started at Hutch reached out on LinkedIn last month to be a connection with me. I don’t know why. I don’t know him at all. Wouldn’t even know him if I saw him, probably.

Unless they’re weird, I usually approve connect requests. I don’t have that many. Only 12.

Maybe I should make more Hutch connections and write intelligent posts on LinkedIn.

I’m just trying to think outside the box.

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