4:00 in the Morning

I got out of bed at 3:30, thinking I was just going to go to sleep on the couch. But then I made coffee and fed the cats instead.

I haven’t taken my meds, though. Must remember to do that.

Dr. Naimark was right. All of those weird symptoms disappeared as soon as I started taking the Abilify again. How did he know?

My next iPhone is going to be a smaller one. Actually, the doctor said after my surgery, I’d be back to normal and I could go back to everything I used to do.

But I’m staying in the WH. I can’t go back to production. It’s too much standing in one place. I gained 30 pounds in production.

I’m scared of the forklift. The tugger, I can do. But I’m gonna have to tell him.

Maybe I won’t have to. Maybe I’ll get promoted before we ever come to that.

I’m going to go take my meds.

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