I forgot to replace my fruit cup yesterday, so I have no morning snack.

I wonder if I should eat my oatmeal now, and get avocado toast at lunch.

I don’t feel like getting back up, though.

But if I don’t, I will be starving later.

That’s fine, I’ll starve.

I’m already tired. Busy busy busy.

I should find out, somehow, if UE wants anything from Dunkin’ today. He always seems to be going to lunch right as I’m coming back. He always asks me if I want anything, but I’ve always already eaten.

Too bad we never go at the same time. I still have so many questions. So many things to say.

I feel like I should get the kid something today, too. He and I held the fort this morning. We were the only two people in the WH—well, except for R, I guess. But he’s upstairs.

Anyway, he’s a super hard worker. Good kid.

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