Sunday Morning

Good morning. I have the heated blanket I got from my parents last Christmas and I am toasty.

I actually slept in until 6:00.

I’m thinking about the holiday shutdown I was so excited about when they hired me. Now, my excitement is replaced with anxiety.

There’s no way I can maintain the same level of activity at home as I do at work. I eat more at home. I have Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, my anniversary, and the new year coming up, all of which involve food.

What can I do so that I don’t start 2023 with a gain?

  • Track
  • Bike
  • Keep busy

Definitely, I need to make a plan.

Even though I slept a long time, I feel like I could sleep some more right now. I think it’s the blanket.

Desmond had a good time with his friend yesterday. They played King of Tokyo, went outside, went to the park. Hung out upstairs for a while. I’m so glad they’re in the same class this year. I’m thrilled he’s got a buddy.

Aislyn, too, has a ton of friends at school. I figured she would.

Desmond keeps saying “Pizza” at me. I think he’s trying to send me subliminal messages. Well, not subliminal, really, but, you get the point.

The tree is falling again.

If a Christmas tree falls in your house, and no one is home to rescue it, does it make a mess?

I will remember this always as the year of the leaning tree.

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