I’m wearing shorts tomorrow, since my legs are tan again. Not that it matters, really.

At least I won’t be hot.

I’m trying to cut down my caffeine intake in the late afternoon by switching to caffeine free soda, but I don’t know if I’m switching early enough. 5:30 pm might not be early enough.

I might be up tonight, then.

I could go to sleep now, but I’m putting Aislyn to bed tonight.

My earring came out without my realizing it, and now the hole is once again closed. So I took out the other one. I will probably just not wear earrings, anymore, which bums me out, because I like earrings, but I’m getting tired of this.

My body feels sore, for some reason, from the lower back down. It’s not like I’ve done anything strenuous.

This might be it for tonight, my friends. Sorry for the lame-ass post. Good night. Sweet dreams 😴

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