Busy Saturday

Aislyn gets a haircut today. Everyone loves it long, but it’s kind of hard to manage that way, gets tangly. And she doesn’t like when I brush her hair, though I try to be gentle as possible.

Her hair is quite fine, like mine. So long hair might not always work for her, especially if she has kids when she grows up. But that’s a long way away, right? Don’t say it goes by fast, I don’t want to think about being a grandmother, yet.

Then, lunch. Then probably the park. And somewhere in there I’ve got to finish up the laundry. Got to get a birthday card for Aislyn’s kindergarten friend, we’ll call her Mollie.

We missed her party, unfortunately. We found the invitation, dated September 10, yesterday in the back of Aislyn’s school folder. I feel terrible. But I texted Mom and apologized, proposed a future playground date, and ordered a present for Aislyn to bring to school next week. Mom said she didn’t think I was the only one who missed the invite.

So, off to the shower I go! Have a good morning. Smile, it’s Saturday!

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