Possible Blog Titles

“Can’t edit, can’t proof, can write a little.”

It is a reference to the famous notes on Fred Astaire: “Can’t sing, can’t act, can dance a little.”

I think it’s cute, but there are some problems with it:

  • It might not look good to potential employers, regardless of the meaning behind the reference.
  • It makes it look like I think I’m the Fred Astaire of writing. I do not think that. Even if it is true—kidding, I’m kidding!

“The Good News Is”

This is simply because I use the phrase all the time. There are no real issues that I can see with this one.

“Following Leah Taylor”

This, I think, would make a good subtitle, because, if you are reading my posts, following Leah Taylor is in deed what you are doing.

I like my current title, but it also makes me slightly uneasy. If the blog is about family, which it often is, should I really also have “F-words” in the title? It’s supposed to be a funny, anticlimactic double entendre.

For the same reason, I usually try to avoid using really strong language in my posts, but I could be a lot better. I didn’t need to call the engineers assholes or refer to some of my posts as shit. I don’t want to necessarily edit myself, but on the other hand, can’t anyone see these posts?

As in real life, I tend to reserve the actual F word, at least in front of other people, for when I’m very, very upset. I think I might’ve dropped an F-bomb in one post a while ago, when I was feeling frustrated about getting nowhere in my career.

I mean, maybe that’s acceptable in the company of adults, but couldn’t Desmond get online and stumble upon that post? Couldn’t any 9-year-old? How do I feel about that? Not great.

Not that I think using strong language is the worst thing you can do in front of a kid. I’m not saying cuss freely in front of your children. That would be a little weird for me to say, and possibly it could set them up for some trouble in school and community. But there are worse ways to behave than hurling the occasional expletive out of frustration or anger.

But I digress. The word “family” is at odds with “F-words” and my occasional language. I suppose I could drop the word “family” from the title, but I don’t want to do that.

There’s a possibility I’m being nit-picky.

How about: “But I Digress: Following Leah Taylor’s Rocky Stream of Consciousness.”

That was not supposed to be funny.

Or: “Full Disclosure: Leah Speaks Her Truth.”

Mmmm, I kind of like that one.

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