I assigned myself some tasks.

We were naming our strengths. I said “writer.” I know this isn’t really a strength, and I know that creativity is the strength behind writing. But for some reason, I could not bring myself to say I was creative. Isn’t that weird?

Anyway, they called me on it.

Aaaaaanyway, Kim asked us how we’d use our strengths this week for success. I said I was going to rewrite my list of why’s. It will probably be very much the same as the original, but it will remind me.

Also, instead of just writing it and abandoning it in a post I won’t see again, I’m going to print it and put it on the inside of the snacks cabinet.

The other thing I’m doing is tracking, even if I don’t like how it looks. Because even if I go over my limit every single day and burn all of my weeklies by tomorrow, I’ll still do better than if I give up tracking. I already don’t like how today looks, with all that cereal, but that’s okay. I’m happy that I tracked it.

I had my usual WW lunch of eggs and tomatoes for lunch instead of cereal. 0 points. I’m still over my limit for the day, but it’s documented.

I gained 12 pounds over the last couple of weeks. I know I was sick, but still.

I might go back to Connect, too. That was very helpful before, and I completely gave it up for no good reason. I had a whole online community of people who really cared about me and my health all those months I had stomach problems. And I totally disappeared on them after my colonoscopy came back negative for colon cancer.

Even if it wasn’t really ghosting, I feel like it was, and I feel really bad about it.

I hate being ghosted. So don’t ghost me. I mean it.

This post has taken a turn for the serious, hasn’t it. Wow, I haven’t said that in a long time.

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