Warning: May Cause Extreme Regret

Desmond has come home in a nasty funk because of an incident on the bus. I’m afraid he still hasn’t recovered all the way from it, as he’s continued to be moody.

I have two irons in the fire, if you will. One for which I was recruited, the other in Greenland. Cross your fingers and toes again for me.

I guess I’m not going to give up, after all.

I did read horror stories last night about Depo Provera, and not just taking it, but also coming off of it. It seems there are some pretty severe withdrawal symptoms in addition to all of the side effects, even if you only ever had the one shot. More weight gain, extremely sore breasts.

Really, Depo? Because that’s what I need, aching, sore breasts you can’t even touch. You know, in addition to blowing up like a balloon.

I fricken hate that saying. My mother used to say that to me: “If you keep eating like that, you’re going to blow up like a balloon” or whatever.

How can medical professionals not know how evil this drug is? All these women, responding to the articles I read, saying exactly the same things I’ve said, or worse. How it was the worst thing they’d ever done to their bodies and so on.

It should come with a warning label.

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