Action Plan

Like I had mentioned in my last post, Kimmy and I had a talk. I get there super early to secure a decent parking space. It’s harder than you’d think, even in the dead of January at a northern New England Best Western.

It’s also shares a lot with the Roundabout Diner, which is an amazing breakfast place and is always busy on Sunday morning.

Anyway, it gives me time to chat 1:1 with Kim. So we talked about my recent plight and if I knew exactly when in the day I fall apart. Turns out I do know: between 3-5 p.m., when my shift ends on weekdays, and yesterday, when I got home from gym-quitting and bra-buying. That was 4:30.

I said I had trouble in the queue not impulse-buying the snacks. So I figure I can avoid the queue at that time. It won’t be hard this week, because I’m broke.

Kim asked me about my car. I said I could stock it with a healthier snack for the ride home. The ride is not that long, but you’d be surprised what I can scarf down in 10-15 minutes.

I think I’m also going to add Sunday to my workout regimen. Even if I have to sometimes do it during Derek’s Game Day. The whole issue is I need a quick shower after the workout, but don’t want to leave the kids down here, even for those few minutes.

But Derek said he’d just let his buds know Aislyn and or Desmond are in the room and they’re very good about watching their language. Adam and Jay both have kids, too.

If I can do alright between 3-5 pm, I think I’ll do much better the rest of the night, too. We’ll see.

I want to lose like 38 more pounds. Even 23-28 would be fantastic.

So that’s my plan for now.

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