Field Trip 👍

The kids are going to Strawberry Banke today. I’m chaperoning. It’s quite a bit of walking, if I’m not mistaken. I volunteered before this plantar foolishness took hold.

It would probably be fine if I wasn’t also working after that. But I am.

To be perfectly honest, though, while I do get tired on my feet constantly, it hurts the most in the morning, when I’m not even on it.

The exercises seem to help relieve the pain in the short term, but I feel like it’s getting progressively worse as time goes on.

I’ve had a couple of people tell me not to get the Cortisone, for various reasons: it’s even more painful than the ailment itself, it’s not very effective, it’s a Band-aid, a numbing agent that will do more harm than good, etc.

I’ve got to get going. I’ve never chaperoned by myself before. I mean, I was a teacher, how hard could it be?

But I’m not anymore.

I only have a small group. Desmond and two of his well-behaved buddies. It should be just fine.

It’s a perfect opportunity to do something educational and fun with my son while he’s still young enough to want to do something educational and fun with me. Kids get older. They separate from you. It’s just part of life. I want to get my time in now.

It’s a perfect day for it. Not too hot or cold. Not raining.

Then off to work. Maybe I’ll just have to find time to squeeze in an extra break somewhere if my foot needs it.

It’ll be okay. Before I know it I’ll be home telling Derek about the field trip and uploading pictures of Strawberry Banke for all you non-New Englanders to see.

Have a thrilling Thursday, my friends. Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve alliterated, hasn’t it. Thanks for being my readers. ♥️❤️👍🥰🤗

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